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"This is a very serene and beautiful place. The thoughts I had here will guide me in my future endeavors. Thank you."


"Thanks to you again and again for sharing your sacred grove with the world.  We feel so fortunate to have landed in this special area of WI and to have you as our nearby caretakers of this beautiful place.  Our entire family and all of our friends have been renewed at the labyrinth and in the woodland walk.  It's always a highlight of our time spent at the lake."

Gratefully, Nancy and Russ

"Thank you so much!! Cannot express in words how grateful I am to you - Pat and Lucy – for this gift of Sacred Grove.    Love+Light+Blessings."


"This labyrinth is amazing. I love how the walk felt. Such a gift for all who find it. Peace and Gratitude."

L. and Kate and Karen

"Very peaceful. OM MANI PEME HUNG."

Lama Yeshe

"I have been coming all summer. This truly is sacred space… Thank you. I will help next summer." 


"Such a lovely retreat in the woods. Thank you for creating and sharing!"

Mike and Mary Ellen

"I enjoyed “the peaceful walk” with a dear friend and my son. How wonderful and what a beautiful reminder – we are all in the walk together."


"My daughter and I were able to stay a couple of nights here at the cabin (Athani II). Sleep was amazing. I slept SO GOOD. I got to experience the owl and there were two. I feel so peaceful and I feel complete. Love the experience of being here at the Labyrinth. Love asking questions. How does it get any better than this? Thank you! Grateful."


"Amazing experience. Peaceful, soothing, healing. Thank you Sacred Grove."


"Thank you, Lucy and Pat – I’m always so filled with gratitude and love when I come here. It’s such a treat to share with my friends and family."

Love, Anne

"Beautiful, relaxing, good for the soul and body."


"We read the Peter Rabbit Story and sat on the Peter Rabbit stone. Love it."

Violet and Adam

"It was peaceful here…Reminded me of the Paul Wellstone site where we reach for greater understanding." 


"This place is beautiful and so serene. It feels so magical, almost life I could get spirited away if I’m not careful. It’s amazing and I never want to leave."


"A place for rest, memory stimulation, love of nature and life, a shelter from our pain, an unburdening of heavy hearts. What a gift!"


"Soft connection to the earth –calming force, lovely feeling in the Sacred Circle. Thanks."


"I had an epiphany while walking through the labyrinth today. It’s not how fast you make it through, how many times you stop to examine a rock, or taking the most direct path. It’s about continuing the path in a sea of rocks that look like they never make it to the center. Thank you." 


Thanks Lucy. It was a wonderful experience, one I will not forget!! I did walk up to a forked buck!! The squirrels and birds sang to me often. One big ole toad wanted to bunk in with me but I made him stay outside. Other than those animals I did not have any other visitors. I walked the labyrinth several times and each time was amazed at what surfaced within my heart. There was no such thing as time for those couple of days. My sleep was so restful, so deep and peaceful. Yes, Athani is an oasis for all who enter. Thanks to You and Pat!!! 

Donna Wiskowski 

"Sacred Grove is a place that once you’ve been there you want to return. I feel that personally, and I have heard it from the adults as well as the youth (both Junior and Senior High) who I have taken to this most wonderful, restorative place. It isn’t a site; it is an experience. While spiritual; it is not religious and while focused; it is not structured. It is a rarity in this area. It is a place of beauty, but also a place of intent. "

Mandi Amundson, LMFT,CSAC 
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There is no place in Burnett County quite like the Sacred Grove. It truly does require a poet to express exactly what that beautiful place is and means, but I will do my best to convey to you what it has meant to me since the Basler's introduced me to the land roughly 8 years ago.
I have visited the Sacred Grove countless times over the last 8 years. Some visits were short, others have been extended stays with friends who were visiting out of town and enjoying the hermitage for a night or two. No matter the reason for my visit, I always feel a deep sense of inner peace when I'm there. The land, with its historical markers throughout, the labyrinth for contemplation, and lush, natural vegetation complete with wildlife, truly transport a person to a serene and magical place seemingly miles upon miles away from civilization. It is the place I go to when I need to leave the
fast paced world behind awhile to regroup and reconnect to myself. I have also taken my children there, walked the labyrinth with them, and taught them the importance of having a sacred, special place to go as well as how to honor and care for it.
Additionally, as a healing arts professional, I often recommend that my clients venture to the Sacred Grove to do exactly as I have as it is a wonderful, wondrous place to connect with nature, unwind and enjoy what the Basler's have selflessly created and maintained for all of us to peacefully and purposefully enjoy. I have witnessed healing and renewal occur on many levels for my clients who visit there and they have all shared what a gift it is for all of us to have a place to go to that is close to home where stillness and peace can not only be seen, but embodied. I should also mention that I have many clients out of state who travel to the Sacred Grove several times throughout the year in groups to enjoy a collective experience there whether it’s sitting in meditation, walking the labyrinth or the grounds or sitting in the circle under the tree boughs sharing stories, laughter and even tears. It is considered by those of us who go there to be sacred in every way imaginable. The Sacred Grove would, in both my personal and professional opinion, be an ideal backdrop for any life passage ceremony as well. It is a rare and beautiful gathering place like no other I've ever experienced before. 
My heartfelt gratitude to Pat and Lucy Basler for being the steward's of this beautiful bit of earth and for sharing her with us all.

Jeanne R. Daniels, CHHP, CHt
Intuitive Readings, Energy Healings, Hypnotherapy
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July 10, 2009


A couple of things this morning...First I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful time we had at the Hermitage the other night! Oh my... it was incredible to work out there especially with the full moon energies at work! Wow!

A friend and I drove in instead of walking last night. We moved the log at the entrance and no sooner were we "inside" when I was all too aware that we were being watched. It was clear until we got to the labyrinth and I had a chance to move from driver move to psychic mode that I could tune into what  was actually happening.

Basically the entire Grove at 9 pm, was a vortex of energy and light. We got out of the car and I was brought to tears and chills as I watched the scores of Druids, angels, masters, witches and medicine men and grandmothers as well as 40-foot tall Pleiadian light being, mix and mingle and and as gatekeepers for that land. My friend was in need of healing and she received it in the few minutes we were out there. She was having a little bit of a tough time with the intensity of the energies and as is usual for me, I was ready to  let it take me wherever it wanted to go...maybe some night you and I could do that..just see where it all goes and who wants to communicate. The intensity was surprising even to me, but oh my, talk about a psychic's ultimate playground!

I'm probably not telling you anything you don't already know, but it felt like we witnessed something beyond extraordinary out there last night that has the ability to effect people - almost entrains them in a way - to connect with spirit and experience a healing simply by stepping onto the  land. Wow!! This was far stronger than any other experience I've ever had  out there - and every experience I've ever had there has been deeply profound.

Thank you for sharing that beautiful land with all of us, Lucy! It is pure magic there!!


Jeanne R. Daniels, CHHP, CHt


Intuitive Readings, Energy Healings, Hypnotherapy

715.566.2532 or 715.866.7080